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works for and with choir

Michael Villmow is fascinated by the human voice, which for him is the direct, natural path to music. Since 2007, the renowned instrumental soloist has been taking singing lessons, with the aim of himself discovering the diverse creative possibilities of the voice for his own compositions. 

Michael Villmow feels a special connection with choral music and also loves to sing the great works of classical and contemporary literature in the ranks of various Cologne-based choirs.

Furthermore, he trained as a choirmaster under Volker Hempfling after completing his saxophone studies. Since then, Villmow has been pursuing ever-new paths – as a soloist, a composer, a conductor and a singer – that make this special form of joint music experience accessible to him and others.

At the Rheinische Musikschule (Rhineland Music School) in Cologne, he is active, among other things, as the director of the Querbeat adult choir. As an instrumental partner and, above all, as a composer,Villmow is constantly collaborating intensively with choirs. To this end, he has created numerous choral compositions, including several masses, for the Norwegian Cultural Council, the Greifswalder Bachwoche, the European Chamber Choir and the Swiss OCV choir association.

CD-recording 23rd til 28th June 2016 "Da Pacem"

At the Orgelpark in Amsterdam (photo) are running the rehearsals and recordings sessions of the CD-project "Da Pacem" with Cappella Amsterdam conducted by Daniel Reuss. The soloists Bendik Hofseth (saxophoe) and Hans-Kristian Kjos Sorensen (percussion)  as well as organ player David Jansen and second percussionist Frederik Villmow complete the ensemble. The pieces which will be recorded are "Da Pacem, "Ein Stern", "O Nacht" and "Lux Aeterna" by Michael Villmow. Sound engineer is Florian Schmidt and his company PEGASUS from Berlin.

The Orgelpark is a former church and has a selection of organs. It's a perfect place for recording and concerts.

Meeting with Bendik Hofseth and Tim Harry Blomberg in Arendal, Trefoldighetskirke, Norway

Study the score with Daniel Reuss in Cologne

Organ rehearsal with David Jansen at Orgelpark Amsterdam, also there Annemiek van der Heijden (projectmanager Cappella Amsterdam)