KölnBigBand im WDR3 am 22.09.2015, 22.00 Uhr

Die Wiederveröffentlichung der vergriffenen Platten "N" und "Update" als Doppel-CD und -LP war Thema der WDR3 Sendung "Jazz" am 22. September 2015.


Now available!

'…and thank you, Michael, for all inspiration …then and now. I believe that all those involved in KBB (KölnBigBand) had their profit from your vision!'                                                                                                            
Andreas Gilgenberg, musician/music producer, Innsbruck/Austria

Bendik Hofseth

Chad Wackerman

Michael Villmow

Joachim Becker

Peter Weniger

Michael Villmow, Peter Sagurna, Heiner Wiberny, Hugo Read, Olivier Peters, Paul Heller (v.l.n.r.)

Bendik Hofseth, Michael Schürmann, Michael Villmow (v.l.n.r.)

KölnBigBand '1987-1990': A Movie by Tobias Kremer

The KölnBigBand would be happy if their music is preferably bought at a record store in the neighborhood. In addition, there are also available at the common portals, eg. amazon, media marktsaturn.

"(…) the best big band recording in the mid-80s …",  the music magazine Artist  labeled the debut recording KölnBigBand 'Update'. Not less celebrated was the following KBB production -N- (which stands for Norway) as an unique combination of jazz, rock, fusion and nordic sounds. -N- featured Bendik Hofseth and Chad Wackerman, two great musicians and perfect matches for the KBB and Villmow's compositions. After both recordings were sold out for years it is time for the re-release. Michael Villmow's KölnBigBand 1987-1990  includes a high-quality 32-page artwork with selected photos of the recordings sessions. All music is remastered! Enjoy the 2CD and 2LP (incl. bonus Mp3 download code)!

The KölnBigBand

Michael Villmows KBB (KölnBigBand) achieved international acclaim during the eleven years of its existence.

The impressive list of guest soloists – which includes Manfred Schoof, Randy Brecker, Bendik Hofseth, Chad Wackerman, Tore Brunborg and Markus Stockhausen – is evidence of the high artistic prowess of the formation.

The LP/CD production »Update« und »N«, performances at the TV ZDF Jazzclub and music festivals were breathing new life into the bigband music. 

The KBB list of musicians reads like like a Who’s Whoof the German Big Band scene:

saxophons: Stefan Pfeifer, Andreas Gilgenberg, Oliver Leicht, Hugo Read, Jörg Kaufmann, Peter Weniger, Frank Kirchner, Paul Heller, Peter Sagurna, Jens Neufang
trumpets: Rüdiger Baldauf, Martin Auer, Ingolf Burkhardt, Hans-Peter Salentin, Karl Farrent, Andy Haderer, Florian Beckmann, Thorsten Benckenstein
trombones: Ernst Lessenich, Peter Feil, Thomas Lauer, Lucas Schmid, Ludwig Nuss, Dan Gottschall, Ingo Lahme, Uli Plettendorf, Thorsten Heitzmann, Achim Hartmann
guitar: Ebo Wagner, Stephan Scheuss, Peter Engelhardt, Jakob Hansonis
piano / keyboard: Stephan Schleiner, Joachim Becker, Hubert Nuss, Hendrik Soll
bass: Andreas Lonardoni, Claus Fischer, Michael Schürmann
Thomas Alkier, Stephan Schneider, Daniel Schroeteler