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compositions - the architecture of music

Michael Villmow’s compositional creations are characterised by his stylistic openness towards various types of musical expression in conjunction with his explicitly personal signature.

His works reflect elements of Jazz, Gregorian choral music and, above all, the melodics of Norwegian folklore with which Villmow became familiar during his childhood. In his compositions, he brings this heterogeneous material together to create a single, colourful entity. He communicates archaic music elements with contemporary qualities.

A wonderful example of this is his work Tempus Fugit for symphonic orchestra, Jazz orchestra and piano solo, which was commissioned on the occasion of the ‘15th Anniversary of Tschernobyl’ remembrance event and premièred at the Belarusian State Philharmonic in Minsk in 2001.

Villmow’s particular fascination for the possibilities of expression in choral singing is showcased in numerous secular and spiritual works that are both intellectually evocative and emotionally touching and receive huge resonance from performers and audiences alike.

His international commissions include national and international works for the WDR, the NDR, Cologne Opera House, the Norwegian Cultural Council, the Swiss OCV choir association, the Greifswalder Bachwoche music festival and the G.F. Händelchor Luzern (G. F. Handel Choir of Lucerne).

Uraufführung "Nordlicht" - Suite für Orchester, Viola, Saxofon und Perkussion (26.8.16, Classic Nights Brauweiler)